Amalfi coast Villa la Madonnina view to Prainao

VILLA LA MADONNINA: WEATHER in the different seasons temperature, forecast, webcam 

Amalfi coast AmalfiAmalfi coast Amalfi
The Amalfi coast is known for its mild climate year round. It has a special micro climate which is influenced by the sea on one side and the protection through high mountains on the other side. Should it rain, it normally clears up in a few hour and the sun is back. In the table below you find the average temperatures, rainfall for each month. Every season has its own characteristics.

Spring and autumn have a mild climate and it is warm enough to go swimming starting end of March till November.

Summer especially August can be quite warm, but gentle winds often make the higher temperatures very pleasant. It is the high tourist season. With the Villa la Madonnina you have a perfect retreat away from the tourists, enjoy the pool, the private access to the sea and the large outdoor spaces. At the same time you are in short distance the vibrant live in the main tourist centres Amalfi, Positano, Ravello and Capri.

We love spending time there in "winter". It can be rainy and stormy some days but there were always days, where we could sit outside and enjoy lunch sitting in the warm sun. Some of the most brilliant days with incredible colors and views are found in winter. See some photos below. But of course there is no guarantee. It is a good time for visiting all the tourist attractions on the coast or plan an excursion to the archeological sites in Pompeii, Ercolaneo and Paestum, visit Napels - or Capri in winter - cool. The main advantage is that this season belongs to the local people and there are only few tourists. The main disadvantages in winter are - beside a more instable weather - the shorter daylight and that swimming in the sea is only possible for the brave people - people like my friend Nino, who swims every day. Also less restaurants are open. It is however a good time for hiking. In January the first flowers start to blossom. Last January we counted 11 different plants which blossomed.
Villa la Madonnina is a perfect home for a vacation in the colder period. Built as a whole year family home, you find not only central heating in all rooms but also a cozy drawing room with an antique fireplace. Often you can sit outside in the well protected loggia and watch the sometimes high waves hitting the rocks in the bay below.

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Want to see how the weather is at the moment? Check the webcam in Positano.

Different seasons

Amalfi coast Villa la Madonnina
                        calm sea in winter
              Calm sea in winter 
Amalfi coast Villa la Madonnina rough sea
             Rough sea in winter
Amalfi coast Villa la Madonnina
                        indifferent weather
Amalfi coast Villa la Madonnina
                        Easter time
         Quiet sea at Easter time
Amalfi coast Villa
                        la Madonnina calm in winter
      Marina di Praia, calm in winter
Amalfi coast Villa la Madonnina
                        unusual sunset
                 Unusual sunset
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Amalfi coast villa la Madonnina view to sea
Villa Madonnina -
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