INSIDE: large living space, 2 living rooms, 3 bed rooms, kitchen - VILLA LA MADONNINA 

Villa la Madonnina dining roomVilla la Madonnina dining room
Detailed description:

The main living room is very spacious. Large amphoras, tiles on the floor and original paintings - all typical for Italian upscale home. You find there both antique furniture like the large, extendable dining table and modern furniture like a seating arrangememt by Gervasoni, a famous Italian contemporary designer (see the photo in the gallery below).
You can also play a round of cards or other games at the game table. Decks of cards and some games like chess, backgammon and others are in the cupboard next to the game table. A rest room is adjacent to the social area. In front of the living room is the roofed loggia, which leads to the main terrace.
Amalfi coast Villa la Madonnina
                    drawing roomAmalfi coast Villa la Madonnina
                    drawing room

The second living room - the drawing room - is the room we like best. It is very cozy and perfect for an intimate conversation and listening to music. A choice of CD's is available - especially music from Naples - but you may want to bring some of your favorites with you. Satellite TV with stations in different languages is also available. An antique fireplace, wooden models of sailing ships and small windows contribute to the warm atmosphere of this room. In addition, there is a writing desk with telephone/ fax and the wireless Internet access point.
Amalfi coast Villa la Madonnina
                    kitchenAmalfi coast Villa la Madonnina
The spacious kitchen is well equipped with everything necessary to transform the excellent ingredients available at the coast into an wonderful meal. You find there a gas stove, an electric oven, a good set of knifes, an American coffee machine, Nespresso machine, old-fashioned Italian cafetieras, toaster, mixer, microwave, a large modern fridge and a dish washer. From the window you see the ancient tower and the ocean.
You can order all groceries by phone from Angela's grocery shop for free home delivery. Tel.089 874037. A "fill the fridge service" for arrival is available. To accommodate your meal, you can choose from the selection of good local wines from our small wine cellar (payable at the end of the vacation). In another room close to the kitchen there is a charcoal grill.
Amalfi coast Villa la Madonnina
                    unique rock corridorAmalfi coast
                    Villa la Madonnina unique rock corridor

This photo gives an impression of the unique, characteristic rock corridor fully carved out of the rock. It leads to all bedrooms which are positioned like a string of pearls one after the other.
You may want to pause here for a minute and enjoy the feeling that you are now part of the mountain, inside the earth after you have spent a day in the sun and in the water
The three bedrooms (one twin and two double) have air condition, have ample storage space and are individually furnished. You find there paintings from local artists. The sound of the sea will guide you in your sleep. Each bedroom has a separate bathroom with shower and bidet. You also find a hair dryer.  All of the bedrooms and two of the bathrooms have ocean view.   
For the colder period there is central heating in all rooms. A baby cot is available at no extra charge.

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Living rooms and rock corridor

Amalfi coast Villa
                        la Madnnina living room
Main living room: comfortable sofas
Amalfi coast Villa la Madonnina
                        drawing room
Sofas in drawing room
Amalfi coast Villa la Madonnina
                        rock corridor antique vase
Antique vase, modern ceramics


Amalfi coast Villa la Madonnina
                        kichen with large fridge
Kitchen: view towards the sea
Amalfi coast Villa la Madonnina kitchen
                        with antipasti
Amalfi coast Villa
                        la Madonnina kitchen
Kitchen: view from an other angle

Bed rooms

Amalfi coast Villa la Madonnina
                        bedroom nautlius
bedroom Nautilus
Amalfi coast Villa la Madonnina
                        bath bedroom Nautilus
bath of Nautilus bedroom
Amalfi coast Villa la Madonnina bedroom
bedroom Dolfin
Villa la Madonnina bath bedroom
bath of Dolfin bedroom
Amalfi coast Villa la Madonnina bathroom
                        light blue
bedroom Seagull
bath of Seagull bedroom
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Amalfi coast villa la Madonnina view to sea
Villa Madonnina -
Frank Lerchenmüller

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