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Amalfi coast Praiano Angela
                    grocery shopAmalfi coast Praiano Angela
                    grocery shop
Grocery shops:
"Angela", Tel. 089 874037, items can be delivered. The son Luca speaks English. The shop is open Sunday 7 a.m. - 1:00 p.m., all other days from 7 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. - 10 p.m. Closed on holidays. You find the shop in Vettica Maiore (second part of Praiano after the 3rd tunnel) on the right (mountain) side of the road. Visiting Angela's shop is also worthwhile because it's a typical Italian shop left over from the times before the supermarkets replaced most of them. If Angela does not have the items you want to have e.g. meat, Luca will also buy it for you and deliver it - if you buy the groceries at his mothers shop of course.
"Tutto x Tutti", Tel. 089 874016, items can be delivered. Same opening hours as Angela. One of the owner brothers speaks English. Bigger selection of goods and a good selection of high quality wine. Orders by fax are also possible: fax number: 089 874434.

Fish shop: There is a small fish shop in Praiano (Vettica Maiore) just after the Bar del Sole on the mountain side of the street. Another larger shop with more choice is on the way to Amalfi. When you reach the junction to Agerola (after about 5 km), then go in direction of Agerola. After 50 m the shop is on the right side. Fish shops are open only till lunch time.

Butcher: You buy meat in a "macelleria". One is on the left side of the road after the shop of Angela, the other one a bid further after the crossing on the right side of the road (going in direction of Posiano).

Daily English and other language newspapers, matches and stamps: At 8:30 a.m. English newspapers from the same day are available in the news-stand in Vettica Maiore (part of Praiano after the 3rd tunnel). The shop is on the right side of the street, after the fountain.

Bus stop/tickets: You reach the bus stop within a 5 minutes walk going in the direction of Positano. The buses run quite frequently. There are the Sita buses, which service all towns along the coast. You must buy the ticket before in the Bar del Sole or most other bars. In the local bus which connects Praiano with Positano only you can buy the tickets in the bus.

Watertaxi: La Sibilla Tel. 338 3508 555 or 089 87 4365. They come from nearby Marina di Praia.

Taxi: from nearby Praiano
Giovanni Benvenuto, Tel. +39 334 3078342, his email address is He has also an informative web site: or Gennaro Rispoli, Tel. 089 874370.

Tourist office in Praiano: booklets and useful information like time tables, in the main street before to the Bar del Sole on the right side of the road.

Travel agency: Financial Tour, Amalfi, Tel 089 872 583, mobile 348 382 5807, fax 089 87 25 83, email: The owner is Nino Gorga, he speaks English well and is very supportive and can help to arrange nearly everything like travel arrangements, rental car, exchange, Western Union...

Gasoline: in direction of Amalfi, about 2 km (1,5 miles) from the villa there is one of the very few gasoline station along the coast.

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